150 years from Shimonoseki, Kyushu Acceptance of soy sauce

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We pursue a particular taste and
provide our customers with a delicious smile.

It started as a small soy sauce in a corner of Shimonoseki, which is said to be the birthplace of the Meiji Restoration, in the 5th year of the Meiji era, when civilization began. Since then, we have continued to create tastes that are closely related to the local community, while facing our customers sincerely and focusing on deliciousness and quality.

Japan has a culture that emphasizes taste and quality and pursues a particular taste. In keeping with this spirit of pursuit of deliciousness, we will strive to improve quality and continue to strive to help as many customers as possible with delicious dining tables.

In recent years, with the guidance of a local research institute, I have also learned vinegar and fish sauce fermentation techniques that can be passed down to the next generation. We are confident that we can grow by focusing on the development of seasonings that will please the younger generation and striving to improve quality while preserving old traditional techniques.

We will continue to be creative and ingenious so that we can provide delicious smiles to as many people as possible without forgetting our original intentions. We look forward to your continued support and guidance.

We continue studying the fermentation/brewing technology that we cultivated for many years.

We are particular about the making of taste to be able to hand to a beloved person with confidence.

Since its founding, this is the brand of the taste not to change. This is the brand giving presentation for new taste.

This is the brand of the product with only safe and reliable ingredients.

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Company profile & History Featured Products
Yamaka Soy Sauce Co., Ltd.
1-9-7 Yasuoka-cho, Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi 759-6603
TEL.083-258-0031 FAX.083-258-2000
Business content
Manufacture and sale of various soy sauces
and sales items
Various soy sauces, soy sauce / sauce, miso, vinegar, dashi no moto, seasoned ponzu, various seasonings for fisheries / agriculture / livestock / livestock, and other custom-made seasonings
Sales office
  • Headquarters Factory
    1-9-7 Yasuoka-cho, Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi 759-6603
  • Central Sales Office
    5939-1 Ajisu, Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi 754-1277
number of
25 people
25 million yen
Fiscal year
Yamaguchi Bank (Yasuoka Branch)
March 1897
Soy sauce shop started
July 1952
Incorporated as a limited liability company
July 1970
Changed organization to a joint-stock company
June 1997
Integrated Kumiai Soy Sauce Co., Ltd.
March 2016
Business transfer from Yamako Co., Ltd.
Chugoku Expressway
  • 20 minutes by car from Shimonoseki IC toward Toyoura Town
  • From Shin-Shimonoseki Station, transfer to Hatabu Station on the Sanyo Main Line, get off at Yasuoka Station, and walk for 7 minutes.
  • From JR Shimonoseki Station, get off at "Yasuoka Station" on the Sanin Main Line and walk for 7 minutes.
Introducing products recommended by Yamaka Soy Sauce Featured Products

Wooden barrel soy sauce /
wooden barrel dashi

Non-genetically modified domestic whole soybeans (produced in Yamaguchi Prefecture) and wheat (produced in Yamaguchi Prefecture) were slowly aged in a cedar tub for 18 months. No chemical seasoning added, safe for small children. Please enjoy the mellow and deep taste created by the slow fermentation. Please use it as a simmered dish or soy sauce.

Children's soy sauce

Baby food is a big job for young mothers.
I made it with the desire to be useful as much as possible.
It is said that human taste is formed at an early age.
It is very important to experience the natural umami in that childhood, so
We made the best use of the taste of kelp and shiitake mushrooms without using any chemical seasonings.
The salt content was cut by 35% compared to normal dark soy sauce so that you would not get used to the strong taste.

Soy milk mayo

Mayo made from fresh soy milk from Yamaguchi prefecture. Cholesterol-free and amino acid-free. Compared to common whole egg mayonnaise, it has 20% less calories. We do not use any animal-derived ingredients such as eggs, so we recommend it to vegetarians and vegans. The sugar used was sugar beet, and the oil used was pressed rapeseed oil. The taste is almost the same as that of general mayonnaise. Use it for raw vegetables, coleslaw, okonomiyaki and fried foods in the same way as mayonnaise.

Jelly Pon

"Kahori no Jurepon Natsudaikan" is made by extracting summer orange oil from the skin of summer oranges using the same method as aroma oil, using plenty of summer orange juice from Yamaguchi and Hagi. The refreshing flavor peculiar to summer oranges and the slightly bitter aftertaste are alive and well. It is finished in a soft jelly shape so that it can be easily entangled with vegetables with a lot of water. Since the soup stock of kelp is used, it can be used as it is for various dishes such as salads and fried foods, just like dressing.